1/24 Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 Great Britain

I just started to work on this car. As usual body first.

Body is primed with automotive primer and covered with Hu-11 silver color to get better shade of Mica blue color. After that is covered with TS-50 Tamiya Mica Blue color.

Body is ready for polishing now.

While body is drying I take some other parts to work with.

I put silver stickers which goes with kit on prepainted rear lights. It looks very nice.
There is no need to put BMF this time. :-)

Some meshes are put on radiator.

And PE parts re put on rear brake disks. Studio 27 give for this car both PE brake disk parts but front are big for this kit. Tamiya made small brake disk for this gravel car while S27 keep same set from tarmac version. So there is one correct set and one wrong.

Nothing painted yet.

Now is turn for decals. I like to see how that fluorescent decals goes nicely on that blue car.
Chassis ready for adding parts. I just started to paint some engine parts and to add some suspension details.

Here are photos after car is clear coated.

Some interior progress.

Tunnel is covered with paper from cigarette boxes and covered with gloss clear coat. It have very similar pattern as cover in real car.

Seats are painted in gloss cover first to get better decal application. Side roll bars are half painted so far. Pedals are from S27.

Seats and roll bars are dry fitted to check look and how they will fit in interior.

And than disaster strikes again.

After removing Tamiya masking tape when I painted black lines and rubbers, tape pull of some clear coat and some decals with it on some place.

Looks that I put thin coat on that places.

Now project is on hold until I don't find new decals and fix that.

Figures are from kit, but i wanted it with belts so I removed molded belts and replaced it with S27 belts and Reji buckles.

Finally interior is finished!

Looks that my clear coat is sensitive on Tamiya color. It's shine and lay down nicely, but is sensitive on masking even with Tamiya tape.

That was problem and first time, not mine thin clear coat.

Now is repainted and redecaled. I used S27 PE parts for radiators and air vents.

It's time for more exterior parts.

Finally it's time to make some diorama for that model. Here are some first stages for it.

And some start weathering the car.

Now car is finished!

And complete diorama too!

You can see kit parts HERE.