Shown here is the complete engine. The topside of the air intake is done with kevlar decal and the underside with silver. Nothing extra like wiring and plumbing because the hood is so beautiful done by Tamiya that the car will only be shown with the hood on the car.

For the interior I used a bit of klevlar decal only for the steering column and for the air coolers in the middle of the dashboard and at the arm rest. Painting is done as shown in the drawings.
For the safety belts I used the decals. Lazy building? Yup, but notice that you can't see the safety belts when the car is 'closed' because of the very deep seat. So why bother and put expensive after market PE parts in it?

The hood is an piece of Tamiya art. Paint it and put the decal on it. That's all there is in my opinion.

It took me three evenings of decaling this car, and it is all covered up with decals. Be patient with these decals and yourself. Take your time and take care the decals go in all edges and holes.

The red line states an decal you can't find on the 'applying decals drawing' from Tamiya (I forgot the decal number). It's position is given at an stage during modeling in the normal drawing. Keep that decal to be the last decal to put on, otherwise it won't fit in to decal 21.


Put the extra details on the car, close it and you have a nice Mercedes CLK/DTM. Detailing is as you like it. You can do as much detailing as you want.
For me this car was just an 'out of the box' with some extra's.

I did not build it as an show stopper, but just to have fun. And it looks good. It became Model of the evening and was second best at an small show.

I like this kit and I hope you liked this small review about it.
Any questions? Mail me.

Click here for the Photogallery of the finished model.

The blue decals on the nose need special attention because they will show the white paint underneath at some places. Touch it up with some paint. Or better; airbrush it because there is an color difference between the decals and Tamiya TS-17. Very well done are the hologram stickers that really finish this car. They are pre-cutted, but I had to use a sharp knife to cut them out.