I like this Mustang. It is good looking with nice paint. Maybe not an award winner, but it was absolutely fun to build. No lowering or sectioning, just painting and extra decals. I will try to show you how I have build this car.

The engine
The engine was build box stock. I used Testors Ford engine blue and different shades of Alclad2. The ignition wires are in a color to match the decals on the side of the car.

I did cut away some plastic on top of the gearbox because the engine was laying in an angle I did not like. Cutting it away did make the engine fit better in the model.

AMT made a very good engine for this kit and it gave no troubles to build. With some more 'plumbing' and 'wiring' you can make it really stand out.



The Interior

I gave the seats an sportive look with Scale Motor Sports Kevlar decal. I first painted the seats in red and the sides in black. Over the red painted parts came an texture decal from SMS and over the black painted sides came Kevlar decal. The head rests were painted matte black, making it satin with some skingrease.

The back seats were given an treatment in the same way as for the front seats. The dash became an two tone gray paintjob.




Seatbelts were added from some red plastic and the interior is finished.
Just before attaching the interior to the body I added the side windows made from plasticard, as you can see in the following picture. Just put them a bit open the one window more open than the other. That looks nice.

I liked that very much, but I thought the interior was something missing to make it 'alive'.

And so I decided to put an complete MacDonalds meal in the interior with help of the Scale Equipment products. Look in the 'food' section. The covers I made on my own printer. The idea is as follows; go to MacDonald's and ask for an clean hamburger paper, an unused fries bag and an unused Shake cup. Cut them open and scan them in your computer. Scale 1/24 is about 4.2%, so reduce them in Corel Draw or Photoshop to that size. Then print it on your printer on photopaper and peel away the backingpaper so a thin paper is left over and wrap it around the fries and milkshake cup. It is all that easy and it looks great. Put the keys from an ModelCarGarage set on the dash and your ready.

The body
The body of this model was sprayed with pearl powders from jacquard products. Just mix the powder with some automotive clear. Paint the body black first and then some layers with the pearl powder mix. The last layers are just clear paint.

The wheels are from an Revell Cobra II kit, who died during painting. The hood is first painted black and then covered with SMS Kevlar decal. After that an Satin clear coat is layed over the Kevlar to protect it and give it an nice satin shine.
The decals on the side of the body are also from SMS. Originally they are designed for the Accura, but they fit in as well on my Mustang, giving it an nice sporty look.

With this car Murpy attacked the body too. The bumper was glued with cyano when it broke of taking some flints of paint from the body with it. Be inventive when such things happen.
In this case I sanded it smooth and attached a small stroke of Bare Metal Foil over it with an brembo decal from the SMS set. Be inventive when it comes to cover up damage :-)


TIP: when you add the windows to the body use some white glue. It glues fine not biting in the window. If you spoil a drop you can just whipe it away with water. Cyano-acrylate won't give you that error-margin.

Whell, that's all there is to say about this kit. Let's go to the finished gallery.