Toyota Yaris

Some time ago I was asked to build an Toyota Yaris for a lady. And of course I said yes. After I said yes, there was just a small problem; at HLJ there was a Yaris from Fujimi. But that was a four door version for the Japanese market. And the lady was driving an three doors version with left hand steering. And so I started to convert an car and I will give you all an brief review of that job.


At first I started with the dash which I sawed into several pieces, as you can see on the left picture I had to saw out the middle console and the steering column and dash-closet.


After that I had to glue in all parts but now for the left-hand steering and to sand it all smooth for painting.


I had to saw out and replace the door-handles, fill the four-door lines with putty and to replace the B-pillar. Then I noticed that the B-pillar of the four- and threedoor version where absolutely different. So, I had to make a new B-pillar.

With the help of a picture out of an Toyota brochure I made a reference in scale for the B-pillar which I made out of plasti-card.



Here the B-pillar is glued in place, and as you can see it fits quit good. I had to enlarge the space for the tail-numberplate because in the Netherlands the numberplates are wider then in Japan. Also I had to put the wipers from the right to the left.


Also, with help of some friends, I had to make Dutch numberplates and some metal-etch for the logo's and for the Toyota and Yaris name. A lot of work with some troubles during building, but it was fun to do.

On this picture you can see the final result as delivered with the award won at the Den Helder show..
The finished car you can see in the gallery.

A short review this time about a big project on a small car.