Rinus’s gallery


Rinus’s gallery

RIMG1030 RIMG1026 RIMG1023 RIMG1025 RIMG1022 RIMG1018 RIMG1021 RIMG1019 RIMG0917 RIMG0915 These pics are of the old AMT ladderchief which I did build according information of FDNY. The model is painted in maroon color like the real one.
New York had only one truck of this kind as a test. That is why the car is painted in maroon and not the traditional red.
pict0007 pict0001 pict0002 pict0008 Ferrari F1 2000
indian Indian

1st place on show in England and Belgium 2001.
The 1941 Indian Sport Scout is a Gunze Sangyo kit scale 1/12. It is plastic whit an light metal engineblock. The spokes are metal wire. The petrol pump is resin from Scale-line. A new Dutch factory.

Starliner-3 Starliner-1 Starliner-2
Ford Starliner

I opened the trunk of this kit and sprayed it Testors High gloss black with an white roof. The interior is an mixed camel paint and the floor is flocked in black. I used an Model Car Garage metal etch set on this kit.
Everything fitted very well and the car was fun to build. I plumbed and wired the engine and used Bare metal foil for the chrome parts. A friend – Wilma Hoedeman – made a nice bear for on the backseat and made a bag with vegetables and magazines to put in the trunk. The car became second prize winner in the Dutch Nationals of 2001.

Ferrari-LM-3 Ferrari-LM-2 Ferrari-LM-1
Ferrari Le Mans

The Ferrari is a nice Fuyimi kit which fits properly well. Whit some
patience you can make it a very detailed kit. I did not because it is
build straight from the box and weathered. Not being a contest model it  ooks great and was definitely fun to build. One tip; the knock off’s in the box are gold like the wheels which is wrong because the knock off’s have to be  aluminium.

Focus-5 Focus-7 Focus-6 Focus-3 Focus-2 Focus-4 Focus-1
Iridium Ford Focus WRC

I started this model with an Hasegawa kit, but because it was my second kit sprayed with automotive paint I destroyed it and bought the Tamiya kit which is more beautiful in my opinion. Hasegawa have nice metal etch seat belt buckles with red seat belt material what was certainly very good to use with the Tamiya kit. The white silver and black paints sprayed on very well and the nice and very thin Studio 27 decals were also very nice to put on the kit.

Charger-7 Charger-6 Charger-5 Charger-4 Charger-3 Charger-2 Charger-1
Dodge Charger

The Charger is the Monogram kit with an Model Car Carage etch set. The engine is plumbed and wired. It is a nice kit to build, but the engine did absolutely not fit in the bay. I had to sand of many things to make  it a proper fit. Even now I don’t know if I did do some wrong or if the fit of the kit was lousy. The paint is Testors Boyd Orange Pearl. The roof is flat black given a semi shine with grease from my fore head. The top is now semi shine while the deeper parts are still matt, which gives  it a realistic appearance.

corvette-2 corvette_1
Chevy Corvette ’80

This Corvette started as an ‘how to try to paint with automotive paints’ project. I started with an base protection coat and after that an silver coat. I mixed some candy purple paint with different pearl powders and sprayed the car with it. After all dried I gave the car an gloss coat and came to this astonishing result. The interior is brush painted with Humbrol paint. It is an simple kit but the paint makes it outstanding.
I like it.

The Rolls Royce Balloon Car
Honda NS-2 500
This model is built straight from the box. It is an Protar model with moving chaines. It was a difficult job to weld each chain together with a hot screwdriver, but the results are very well. This model is painted with an old fashioned handbrush and is now almost eight years old.
Mazda RX 7
Plymouth Prowler
The Prowler is a beautiful Hot Rod designed on the basis of the cars of the sixties. This model is a beautiful kit from Revell. A complete review will be in our magazine PIM, which you will receive as member from IPMS The Netherlands. The original Prowler has a deep purple color, which can’t be reproduced with the colors we have in The Netherlands. The house of color paints from Amerika
would be perfect, but of custom regulations we can’t buy them here.
If you know a good way to produce a good deep metallic color on model cars, please let me know. I am making experiments now with a basic of ultra-flakes and thereover an glass-paint from Tamiya. But that is difficult to airbrush.
Australian Kenworth
dump truck
jps_lotus_1 jps_lotus_2

911_3 911_2 911_1
Porsche 911 GT2
CLKgtr_3 CLKgtr-4 CLKgtr-2
Mercedes CLK-GTR
corvette_lr corvette-1_lr
nastop nasright nasleft nasbottom nascomb

Bobby Labonte’s NASCAR


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