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HOW TO….Paint window frames and rubbers – by Warren Sara

Thought i’d write this to cut down on the private messages asking how its done.
This is how i do the window frames and rubbers on my models.
Most of you probably know already, or have diffewrent ways, but this is the
way I’ve always done them to get nice clean lines. There’s a few photos to help
along the way. Hope it helps anybody out

Tools needed.
Use Tamiya masking tape as it wont bleed paint underneath it. Lay it all over
the car frames etc.
When all the tape is on the car, push it down nice and smooth with a soft cloth.
Then use a tooth pick to lightly trace around where you are going to cut.
Next…very lightly use the knife to trace around all the windows and frames.
The tape is very easy to cut. Dont push hard as it will cut deeply into the
Peel of the extra tape
Smooth the tape back down again after cutting. The car is now ready for painting.
This part you can either spray if you want(well need alot of masking) or just
paint by brush. IMO the brush works out just fine if you use enamels which are
longer to dry and leaves a good smooth finish.
Also at this stage remember to do the inside of the car so its black on the
inside of the frames.
Once the first coat is on everything i do the second coat straight away on everything.
If you allow the paint to dry to long on the tape it will give a “jagged”
edge when pulled off. As soon as the 2nd coat is done start taking the tape
off. Leave the paint to dry for 2-3 hours. If you have to do any touch up stuff,
i use my marker pen (Gundamarker) to get it looking 100%.
All going well it should end up looking like this……
finished1 fnished
Once this is done….you can use your marker pen to do panel lines if you want
to…..but thats another story !!!
Then you can give the car another light rud with Rubbing Compound then a final

Warren Sara

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