Who we are

I’m Zeljko Segin and I’m from Croatia. I’m in modeling since I was kid,
and now I’m 45. I started in elementary school when I started to build
aircrafts. That was my primary category until I meet my big friend Rinus
Middelaar from Netherlands before couple years. I saw his cars and I tried
to build one. I liked that and from them my main occupation is civil vehicles,
especially race cars.

And I am Rinus Middelaar,
living in the Netherlands with my wife Bernadette and my two kids Rona
and Kari. I organized the Dutch IPMS Nationals from 1990-2000, for which
IPMS the Netherlands made me member of honour for life. But now I can
finally spend more time to my family and modeling. I started with modeling
aircraft – do you remember those small plastic Airfix bags? – but nowadays
I build modelcars. I just build the cars I like, no special occupation,
what can vary from oldtimers to the modern cars and DTM to ‘shaved and
lowered’ ’60 American cars. My pages are updated
on irregular basics because I have a busy life. Enjoy our site.

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