1/24 Tamiya Mitsubishi Lanver Evo VII

Finally I started my big project for this year (I hope :-) ).
It will be Mikka's car from Artic rally. I will follow all Phil guides from his project which he made fantastic.
So far I done lots of putty and opening new hole on hood.
I raised suspension for about 2 mm, but this time on easier way. I put some plasitcard for it.
It's ready for major painting now.
Car is painted.
Here are first decals.
Here is work on exhaust. It's painted in titanium gold and highlighted with clear orange and blue. Over that is is light smoke color.
Here is latest update on chasis.

Thanx to Phil all corrected decals are on car now!
letters which goe on silver parts of car are smae color and totyly invisble when you put it. Phil made custom decals in darker shade of color.
I add one Evo 5 photo which is under first layer of clear coat too.

Evo 5 is just for to compare it with Evo 7. :-)

Foot rests are covered with CF, wire is tube for brakes, suspension is still in painting. Brake disks are from Pug and I must modified it to me smaller for my car. Radiator is covered with PE and painted.
Little progress because I'm waiting for some aditional parts. More interior and exterior, cooling tubes are on radiator.
Aditional interior references are always welcomed. :-)
On one tank is PE set instead molded one, and on another are belts which I made from masking tape.
Body is clear coated now.
Windows are on car, window edgses are painted, mesehes are added too.

Some work on interior.