1/24 Tamiya Mercedes CLK DTM 2000 'Warsteiner'

Last update: October 4, 2002

Building diary:

Just start. Some engine parts painted in semi-gloss black. Firewall is painted in steel color according to real car photos, not like Tamiya said in semi gloss color. Bars are painted with Testors Gun Metal color which is very similar to real color.

Here is another photo where I put more parts. I didn't put S27 PE parts for discs because they don't look realistic. More parts to come.

That bubbles on back are rain drops. I wanted photo on natural light without flash and outside was rain. Because that photos maybe isn't so sharp. :-)))

Here is back side. Still decals must go on.

Interior just started, too. I tried to use Studio 27 PE seat belts from their set but there is to many parts and it's very confused how they must go so I tried to use some from other sets. On the end I didn't have all parts so I back to decals only.

For roll bars best advice is to complete it on interior tub for best aligning. After that you can get it on and paint, like I do. On overhead guards I put thread to get more realistic look.

Same as Rinus I used Alclad II Chrome for wheels, but no black prime coat under it because color must not be so shine.

Tires are sanded and ready for dry transfer decals.

And here is it when all this is completed.

Now get back to body.

Body is finished and I put first prime coat on.
When it dry, I will examine body for mistakes and fixed it if there is any.

Bottom photo show body painted after 2 coats of black automotive color.

Finally is time for decals!

Box parts: