1/24 Tamiya Ford Focus RS WRC 01

This project was first made as Higgins car from Great Britain 01 rally. But S27 decals wasn't so good. They have some yellowness which I hadn't to remove even with decal softener or polishing. So car was striped down to bare plastic and started again.

This is how project was looking on the beginning.

This are first steps on making chassis.

Suspension is raised for 2mm because it's gravel car.

2nd photo showing rear suspension near finish. Added are PE parts on front and rear side of discs.

On 3rd is mounted on chassis.

Suspension is on it's places.

Foot rests are covered with CF, PE pedals are in his place, fire extinguishers too with wiring.
Also there are wirings from hand brake and one wire ready for radio.

Here are photos with first decals on car.
I found one more mistake in Tamiya kit after I assembled rear suspension.
According to my photos gas tanks for suspension must go to forward not to rear as Tamiya made it.
So I moved suspension from car and I switched suspension from left to right and opposite. Before that I removed brake discs because they must stay on their sides.
S27 wheel decals are too big for wheels so I must to cut them all separately and put one by one on wheel, so that now looks like this and can't be better even I wish.
I always forget to add one small detail to wheels, but not this time.
It's first time that I added air valve on wheels. :-)

Little more progress. Like Ray said, I needed to free space under wheel so it can fit under roll bar. That is done and I started to add belts. I0m using material which Sasa gave me. It's very good, same as S27 belts, maybe even better. It's white so can be painted in color which you want.

Here are photos before and after removing those parts.
Spare wheel holder is scratchbuilt because it's going to rear on car, not behind seats as in kit.

It's time for wiring headphones.
Black box is scratchbuilt and wired.
Driver seat is filled with belts which are sctachbuilt too, while buckles are from Reji. Side belts are not fixed to chassis yet.
Both seats are on places, and all belts are placed and fixed.

Most of roll cage is placed in car but some parts of it isn't full painted yet.

I put nets on doors too.

I sanded all pins on dashboard and make holes instead them For flat switches I used PE parts from Scale Race Cars and for rounded I used wire.

It's turn for windows and lights.

Finished model: